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To make a booking please call the secretary on 01455 556672 (no calls after 6pm please) or email us at: for booking form


Our charges:

£15 for first hour and £10 per hour thereafter

Children's party rate is £25 an hour

Other parties charged at £30 an hour

For parties a £50 deposit must be paid to secure booking this will be refunded if the premises are left as they were found.

Please note: I
f payment is not made, unfortunately the booking will not be confirmed. When invoice is issued for party hire this must be paid in full by bacs 14 days before date of party. 

Booking Rules (please read)


All bookings are subject to the rules governing the hire of the hall and it is the responsibility of the person making the booking to ensure that they are familiar with these rules.


Cancellation – any booking cancelled less than one week before the booking will be charged at the FULL cost.


Commercial Lettings – Alternative rates may be applicable and will be decided on by the Management Committee on application for the use of the hall for commercial purposed 


Categories – The Regular Activities rate applies to bookings made by an organisation on a regular basis. A minimum of 8 activities must be booked within a 12 month period. 


Licensing – The Walcote Memorial Hall is a holder of a premises licence under current legislation. The licence allows for the sale of alcohol for which a Personal Licence Holder must be present. It is essential that MWCT are notified that you wish to sell alcohol at a function so that we can ensure that proper controls are in place in order to stay within the law. The cost of a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is to be met by the hirer. Keys – A member of MWCT will meet the hirer at the hall at the agreed time.


All keys should be returned after each hiring period unless alternative arrangements have been previously agreed.






Our conditions of use: 

1.     It is a condition of the booking and use of the Hall that the Hirer reads, understands and adheres to all of the rules outlined within this notice, the rules on the Booking Form and on other displayed documents within the Hall complex, paying particular attention to issues relating to Health & Safety.

2.     The Bookings Secretary appointed by the MWCT Management Committee (referred to hereinafter as The Management Committee) is the only person authorised by The Management Committee to accept or reject bookings for the Hall and recommend that deposits and/or supervision are required.

3.     The Management Committee do not have to provide reasons in the event of a rejection of a booking and any appeal against this decision must be made in writing to The Management Committee.

4.     Charges for hire will be strictly in accordance with the scale of charges agreed by The Management Committee. These are detailed on the booking page.

5.     Payment for the use of the Hall must be made to the Secretary or Treasurer of The Management Committee at the time of the booking. Organisations booking regular activities must pre-pay at 6 month intervals. Any cancellation with less than one weeks notice may incur the full cost of the Hire. The Secretary is authorised to refuse subsequent bookings if accounts are not settled within the Terms outlined. Variations to these Payment terms can be arranged by the Bookings Secretary or the Treasurer but must be confirmed before the Hire takes place.

6.     The Hirer shall indemnify The Management Committee for the cost of repair of any damage to any part of the property or contents during or as a result of the hiring.

7.     The Hirer shall not sub-let or use the premises for any unlawful purpose or do anything which may endanger the premises and/or contents or endanger any insurance policies covering premises and/or contents.
8.     Hiring Organisations or Individuals will be responsible for the following:
Booking the Hall and/or Rooms with the Secretary and giving details                 of the Organisation/Individual, date and time of function, type of                         function, likely number of people attending, whether alcoholic drinks                 are served (by use of the correct License), available (people bringing                 their own) or provided.
        (b) Paying any necessary deposit (see 11 below).
        (c) Obtaining any Licenses that may be needed for the consumption of                   alcoholic drinks and for the observance of the regulations associated                 with the Licenses of Premises as stipulated by the Fire Authority,                       Local Authority, Police, Magistrates Court or otherwise. The                                 Management Committee are responsible for the annual Premises                       License which is displayed.
        (d) Ensuring that the number of people at the function does not exceed                   the Hall limits as stipulated by the Premises License and that Fire                     regulations specific to the Hiring are observed.
        (e) Decorating the Hall/Rooms but avoiding damage by use of drawing                   pins, nails, sellotape, blue-tac, staples etc. on any area of plaster or                       door or window Frames. Removing all decorations after a function.
        (f) Maintaining ‘Law and Order’ and proper supervision at the function                   so that damage is not done to the property and/or equipment.
        (g) Ensuring that the function finishes on time (according to the times                    stipulated on the Booking Form) and that people depart from the                        premises in an orderly manner. This includes proper supervision of                  car-parking (as to avoid obstruction of the highway) and advising                      people leaving that noise should be kept to a minimum. Failure to                      comply with this may result in additional charges which the Hirer                      accepts as part of the Booking conditions.
        (h) Ensuring that the Hall/Rooms are left in a clean and tidy condition                    and that any contents temporarily moved from their usual positions                  are properly returned and that the keys are returned to where they                  were obtained. The Hirer can arrange with the Bookings Secretary                    for extra ‘follow on’ sessions to ensure that the Hall/Rooms are left                    clean and tidy providing that the session immediately follows the                      booked function. Failure to comply may result in a surcharge to                        cover the cost of additional cleaning.
        (i)  Ensuring at completion of a function that all windows and doors are                  securely locked
        (j)   Notifying the Bookings Secretary of any damage to property or                          equipment and accepting reasonable costs for effecting repair. ON                      entering the premises, any damage found should also be reported                      immediately – if damage is not reported and is subsequently                              discovered, it will be at the discretion of the Management                                    Committee to charge the last known hirer with responsibility.
        (k)  Liaising with Secretary for any specific requirements, ‘last minute’                    amendments to the times entered on the Booking Form and where                    set-up and/or break-down sessions are required, whether or not                          stipulated on the original Booking. Cleaning is essential and costly                    and should the MWCT arrive to find the Hall/Rooms not emptied                        from a previous function (without prior knowledge) an additional                      surcharge may be made.
        (l)  The Management Committee will not be liable for any damage to or                    any loss of any personal property or personal injury while on the                      Village Hall premises. Left property will be kept secure for 4 weeks.
        (m)Bookings will not be accepted from any person under the age of           
        (n) Parties etc. for people under the age of 21must have adult                                  supervision in the hall and outside the Hall at the time of                                    completion of the function.


Please click the link to the right to access our Employer Liability.

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